Our hydrangeas are grown in a modern and high quality pot, in the diameters 23, 26 and 32 cm. We can deliver these colorful plants from February until August. The hydrangeas are grown at a temperature off 18 degrees Celsius. In the wintertime we use greenhouse lighting to guarantee the quality of our plants. Every plant has its own dripper so we can apply exactly the right amount of water and fertilizer. Because we grow indoor plants, every plant gets sticked and ringed by hand to ensure perfect quality!

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We grow our poinsettias in the pot sizes 21, 32 and a 21 cm hanging pot. The cuttings are planted in June, so we can deliver them from the first of November all the way up to Christmas. Our poinsettias are also grown on drippers, so we can apply the right amount of water and fertilizer, to guarantee the best possible quality.

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